Bossong concrete screw CLS-CE

Screw with CE mark and the ETA assessment for cracked and uncracked concrete. Seismic qualification in category C1 and C2 with high performance. Fire resistance up to 120 minutes.

High mechanical performance. Wide range of diameters: 6,8,10,12,14. High flexibility of use thanks to three different depths of installation for each diameter. Thanks to an high assortment is possible to fix thicknesses up to 95mm. Small minimum distance between anchors and small minimum distance from the lower edges. Smaller hole diameter and therefore lower installation time with respect to others anchorage systems. Possible adjustment after installation of the screw (screw can be recoiled twice up to 10mm if the nominal embedment depth is guaranteed). Available in galvanized steel. Hex Head (CLS-H CE). Countersunk head (CLS-S CE). Pan head (CLS-B CE).