SPRAY Bossong pure zinc protection, after welding protection

ZINCO SPRAY is a protective Bossong product for metal surfaces based on micronised zinc powder over 98% pure, duly dispersed in a binding resin. This product, in the spray format, was designed to give professional touches to surfaces and items, hot-galvanised or using an electrolytic procedure.
Ideal for protecting medium or large sized surfaces or very large structures. It is not a varnishing product; it is used for touching-up or for professional treatment.
It is bright, practically identical to the colour obtained in a galvanising plant. It forms an elastic coating, resistant to 300 °C. Used to touch-up it becomes opaque in time, like electrolytic and/or hot-galvanising. Thus any repair or correction is always invisible. Applying two light hands you get excellent protection from atmospheric agents thus preventing rusting and oxidising. It dries in 90 seconds, does not dust or drip if used correctly. You can paint over it using a spray or brush.

B-SALDO is a Bossong anti-adhesive protection after welding. Spray from about 20 cm. On the piece or cold torch, weld and remove waste.