KDH Bossong powder actuated single nails with magazine and with washer

Bossong fastener for concrete, steel and wood.
Nail with driven head, ideal for: up-and-over garage type doors, temporary wooden railings for building sites, wooden strips for roofing and stairs, KDH 20 STEEL FIXING for fastenings on steel, sundry metal fastenings on concrete and wood, metal guides for plasterboard.

KDC. Fastener for concrete and wood. Bossong KDH nail with driven head and large 47 mm Ø washer. Ideal for: formwork, a single system for different wall and pillar thicknesses and sizes. The rough-surfaced material helps bonding with the concrete and is also invisible once the formwork has been removed.

KISL. Fastener in concrete of insulating material. Bossong KDH nail with driven head and wide, soft, flat washer of 30 and 60 mm Ø ideal for fastening insulation to roofs and walls without damaging the material fastened since the washer adapts to it